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Signature Aviation Debuts New Facility in Key West, Florida

Feb 5, 2024


Signature Aviation, the world’s largest private aviation terminal operator, has announced the opening of a newly built facility at Key West International Airport (EYW) in Florida. The unveiling reaffirms Signature as the gateway for private aviation in the southernmost city in the contiguous United States, delivering guests a mix of modern design and enriching amenities in one of Florida’s premier travel destinations. 


The new terminal is built to seamlessly integrate into the vibrant community of Key West, designed to create an environment that embodies Signature’s innovative approach to creating precise, safe, and exceptional experiences. As the official motto of the area states, “One Human Family,” Signature’s new facility, amenities, and guest experience seek to evoke the warmth, connection, and shared experience of the city that’s beloved to both residents and travelers in Key West. 


Just a few miles from the city center, the new 4,500 square foot guest terminal fuses modern elements of design with functional space that serves the distinct needs of the travelers and community of Key West. The new terminal will add 3,300 square feet of additional space compared to Signature’s previous facility, delivering extra accommodation for larger guest parties.


Among the distinct design features specific to Signature Key West are an elevated main terminal area and covered parking area underneath. A second story patio adjacent to the main terminal will provide guests with the opportunity to immerse themselves in the scenic views, climate, and natural beauty of the area. 


“We are delighted to see our vision for the new Signature Key West come to life in a way that pays tribute to such a vibrant community,” shared Tony Lefebvre, Chief Executive Officer of Signature Aviation. “The design, amenities, and expanded space will create the perfect environment for our team members to deliver a warm and inviting experience for every guest.”


Other guest-forward amenity additions include a pilot’s lounge complete with spacious seating for entertainment and relaxation, along with work areas for business needs. Two quiet rooms will offer guests the opportunity to recharge before or after their travel. For refreshments, a new café stocked with Lavazza signature coffee roasts opens up to scenic views of the Key West International Airport.


Signature’s commitment to creating immersive guest experiences will continue throughout 2024 with the unveiling of facility updates in New Orleans and Raleigh-Durham in the coming months.

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