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Signature Flight Support embraces spirit of innovation by testing and introducing new concepts to evolve and enhance the customer experience

Oct 23, 2019

The world’s largest Fixed Base Operator (FBO) network, Signature Flight Support, is challenging traditional approaches to aircraft flight support services and finding innovative ways to distinctively serve an increasingly broad set of customers.

“Over the past few years we’ve made significant progress when it comes to embracing technological change and developing innovative, new programs and offerings focused squarely on the needs of our customers,” said Mark Johnstone, Chief Executive Officer, BBA Aviation plc and Signature Flight Support.  Shawn Hall, Chief Commercial Officer, Signature Flight Support added, “Signature has entered a new and exciting phase in its history. We will continue to invest in and go to market with industry defining customer centric technology and offerings. Our aim is to not just maintain relevancy, but to help redefine the industry.”

To ensure consistent, exceptional service at its approximately 130 US locations, Signature invested in a comprehensive new software interface called ‘SIGnet 2.0’. The successful 2019 rollout of the platform allows for expanded tracking, coordination, and delivery of aircraft services, while empowering Signature staff members through a suite of tools that enhance the customer experience. Further enhancements to SIGnet 2.0 include mobile technology to empower Line Service Technicians in the course of their duties, converting aircraft requests into manageable checklists, whilst sharing real-time updates on services rendered.

In early 2020, Signature plans to launch the Trip Estimator Tool, an innovative new way for pilots to retrieve retail fuel pricing, handling fees, and infrastructure rates without having to contact the FBO in advance. Pilots can also request a volume discount for large fuel uplifts from the FBO. Customers who have registered a free Signature TailWins loyalty account can preview retail pricing information up to 7 days in advance when they enter an N-registered aircraft tail number, planned destination, and the date of their expected arrival.

Signature’s commercial airline passenger transfer program, Signature ELITE Class, continues to gather momentum by introducing new locations in the Caribbean with further plans for additional facilities in the near future. This VIP service allows commercial airline travelers to enjoy a frictionless ground experience which is standard in private aviation. Passengers can bypass the queues, hassle, and rush of the main terminal by checking in for their departing flight from a luxurious Signature lounge, all of which feature dedicated security and customs screenings, food and beverage options, a chauffeured drive to and from their aircraft, baggage collection, and more.

In June 2019, Signature joined forces with Uber Elevate as its first nationwide on-airport infrastructure partner, focused on the role of ground-based operational experience and excellence for the company’s new ‘Skyport’ concepts. Signature is also the handler of choice for Uber Copter services, offering the first demonstration of the airborne rideshare model and the Elevate experience. As the preferred FBO for Uber Elevate, Signature will apply its industry-leading expertise to support electric vertical take-off and landing vehicle (eVTOL) passenger arrivals and departures at existing on-airport FBOs, as well as designated purpose-built eVTOL urban Skyports.

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