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No annual fees or added markup, plus detailed billing statements and fraud prevention.

Signature Pay combines the best Consumer and Fuel company credit cards features into the ultimate charge card for flight departments. Reduce your costs when you eliminate added markup on your invoices. Skip the subscription squeeze with no annual fees. Plus get better billing with detailed, consolidated monthly statements.

Charge Without a Catch
  • Deal directly with Signature. No added markup or hidden  fees, unlike most contract fueling cards.
  • Free to use. No annual subscription fees.
  • Accepted by more than 5,000 merchants.
Simplified Accounting
  • Fully-itemized (Level 3) details for every charge.
  • Tired of tracing invoices? Get a consolidated billing statement tailored to your accounting format.
  • Accepted on aviation transactions only, virtually eliminating        fraudulent charges.
Popular Pilot Perks
  • No card? No problem. Your card is kept on file so you can leave the plastic in the plane. Just sign and go.
  • Cut confusion at checkout by consolidating your cards, preventing the need to pay with multiple methods.