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Signature Flight Support launches SignatureAssure; roll-out of systemwide safety, health and wellness standards coincides with increase in flight activity

Jun 16, 2020


In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, Signature Flight Support, the world’s largest Fixed Base Operator (FBO) network, has reaffirmed its ongoing commitment to maintaining the highest safety, health and wellness standards in the FBO industry by launching SignatureAssure.  The comprehensive COVID-19 response includes measures that encompass social distancing, employee readiness, facility cleanliness and aircraft safety standards.  The roll-out coincides with a gradual increase in aircraft operations throughout the world and includes the deployment of several technological advancements, including electrostatic sprayers, pulse oximeters, and touchless thermometers.

“Now, more than ever, your choice of FBO matters,” said Mark Johnstone, Chief Executive Officer, Signature Aviation plc and Signature Flight Support. “With over 200 locations in 27 countries, only Signature has the scope, scale and expertise to deliver a consistently excellent and safe customer experience. Our customers have come to trust and expect our industry-leading approach, and we are investing in the latest technology to ensure the health and safety of our team members, our visiting flight crews, and the traveling public.”

“Trust has always been paramount in aviation and the global pandemic has added a new dimension to earning our customer’s trust -- ensuring their health and safety,” explained Tony Lefebvre, Chief Operating Officer, Signature Flight Support. “To answer that call, Signature has introduced SignatureAssure, a comprehensive  - and increasingly tech-enabled - suite of health, safety and wellness standards across our more than 200 bases worldwide.  When trust counts, you can  rely on Signature.”

Facility Readiness

To ensure the well-being of both team members and visitors, Signature has made a number of modifications to FBO facilities and enhanced its standard operating procedures.  These include implementing a comprehensive 50-point cleaning checklist, which is completed multiple times a day.  These rigorous cleaning procedures are supported by using electrostatic sprayers at high-traffic Signature FBO locations, allowing large areas such as lobbies, lounges, and vehicles to be sanitized quickly through the use of a sterile fog.

The enhancements extend into the terminal, with the addition of clearly visible social distancing cues, including signage and floor markings that encourage 6 feet of separation. Furniture and tables have also been reconfigured to meet social-distancing guidelines. Additional in-FBO precautions include the removal of literature, linens, and non-essential common use items from public areas, as well as frequently disinfecting common touchpoints.  

Employee Readiness

Signature is employing a prescriptive approach to employee readiness with a mandatory COVID-19 training program. This supplements an existing policy that requires all employees to have current training accreditations before performing any aircraft services.

Team members are required to wear face masks when fulfilling their duties and all are subject to health screenings before starting their shift. Signature is utilizing the latest technology, such as touchless thermometers and pulse oximeters, to ensure the well-being of Signature staff members, and subsequently its guests.

Traveler Precautions

Many local and national governments have mandated that members of the public must wear face coverings when outside of a private space. As a result, Signature is requesting that all visitors wear a mask during their when transiting an FBO. Masks are available upon request at all locations.

Aircraft Standards

Throughout the impact of COVID-19, Signature has continued to adhere to its standardized safety protocols, guaranteeing the highest provision of aircraft handling.  Across its network of more than 200 global locations, Signature necessitates the use of appropriately sized tow teams, a pre-tow inspection checklist, and a pre-tow briefing before moving an aircraft. Similarly, the integrity of Jet A and avgas fuel inventories have been maintained through daily checks and company-wide fuel quality control procedures.

National Rental Car Partnership

With an increased preference for personal transportation, Signature has leveraged its preferred relationship with National Car Rental to provide sanitized rental cars at all FBO locations. Vehicles are subject to National’s ‘Complete Clean Pledge’, which includes a 20 key touchpoint cleaning process prior to every rental. 

To learn more about how Signature is protecting the safety and well-being of its customers, visit the SignatureAssure program page at . 

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