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Paris Olympics 2024: A Business Aviation Guide 


June 19, 2024


The 2024 Olympics are coming to Paris, France this summer for the first time in 100 years. The beloved games bring thousands of elite athletes to the world stage, along with millions of spectators. The Summer Olympic Games are a heavy lift for private aviation as pilots, air traffic controllers, and flight crews shoulder immense logistical responsibility for smooth executive jet services and a positive Parisian travel experience.


This guide will walk you through the most important details for planning your 2024 Olympic Games flights. If you're looking to secure a reservation at Signature LBG for the games, please visit here. 


Olympic Timeline and Temporary Flight Restrictions 


Are you planning private flights to Paris this summer? The 2024 Olympic Opening Ceremony begins on 26 July at 19:30 UTC and the closing ceremony will take place on 11 August. While crowds experience a standout opening ceremony, a radius of 150 km (93 miles) around Paris will be under a temporary flight restriction with no altitude limit. Only emergency flights with express permission granted from the French Air Force will be given clearance. You can also see a map of closed airspace for the opening ceremony to build your flight plan accordingly.



Olympic Schedule Highlights


1530 UTC, 26 July – All Paris airport activity (CDG, ORY, LBG, and BVA) is halted by a temporary flight restriction that goes into effect, with a 150 km radius around Paris with no altitude limit.

1730 UTC, 26 July – 2024 Olympic Opening Ceremonies begin along the Seine.

Top Event: 27 July - 4 August, Swimming at Paris Le Defense Arena.

Top Event: 27 July – 5 August, Gymnastics at Bercy Arena.

Top Event: 27 July - 11 August, Track and Field, primary location at Stade de France.

1800 UTC, 11 August – Closing Ceremonies begin at Stade de France, with no airspace restriction in place.


Planning and Logistics


High airport traffic is expected during an event on the scale of the Olympics, so read on for our top recommendations to ensure you and your clients have seamless and stress-free summer Olympics private jet travel before the games begin.


Before You Fly


From 22 July to 8 September, all business aviation flights will need to follow a new procedure before arriving at a Paris airport. Pilots and crew will need to follow these steps in order:


  1. Request Pilot Approval: Because French authorities prefer this two months before the start of the Olympics, this step should be completed as soon as possible.
  2. File a “Flight Intention”: This should be done for every scheduled flight. Send no later than two hours before take-off for flights to LFPB, LFPG, or LFPO. Send four hours before take-off for flights to any other airport.
  3. Get a Flight Authorization Number: Once you have received your number, include it in Field 18 of your filed flight plan. Be sure to check AIC 7-24 for full details of the above steps.  


Where to Land


The Paris-Le Bourget Airport (LBG) is our top recommendation for Olympic games private flights into Paris. The Signature Aviation LBG terminal is a private location on the northeast side of the airport – the perfect landing place for your passenger’s arrival at the Games. Transportation from the LBG Paris airport to central Paris typically takes only 20 minutes, although higher traffic should be expected before and during the Olympics.


The Opening Ceremony will take place along the Seine, and from there events will be hosted throughout dozens of venues in and around Paris. Travel time from the airport to a given event location will depend on which events spectators plan to attend. For example – watching volleyball, swimming, or wrestling will require standard travel (with traffic) into the heart of Paris. On the other hand, attending a sailing or football event requires travel nearly 800 km south of Paris to Marseille.


Communicate with your clients about their must-see events to ensure every spectator is equipped to travel to their correct destination. If needed, reach out to Signature Aviation for support and supervision at other airport locations in the region. 


Slot Reservation


Signature Aviation is here to help with the time-sensitive task of securing slot reservations. We will arrange a slot on your behalf to make a reservation for arrival and departure. Keep in mind that slot restrictions are in effect at LBG from 12 July 0400 UTC - 16 September 2059 UTC, and parking space is extremely limited.  




Traffic is the largest challenge pilots and crews will face while coordinating VIP Olympic travel. Signature Aviation works alongside crews and is committed to taking extensive measures to ensure safety and security are at an all-time high as your trusted private aviation terminal.


Signature Aviation staff will be at full capacity on opening and closing ceremony days, with additional staff and training provided before the event. You can depend on safe and secure site access with additional checks performed periodically and reinforced airport police patrols at all times.


Aircraft parking will be constantly monitored at LBG throughout the Olympic Games. This level of monitoring and security is higher than normal for Paris-Le Bourget, so your slot schedule is a crucial asset to ensure proper parking space at all times.




Successful coordination of air traffic for a large-scale event like the Olympics requires nearly constant communication. Signature Aviation is here to communicate through email and phone prior to takeoff. We extend communication to WhatsApp in consideration of international guests for important real-time updates to flight crews.


Every flight change and decision will be monitored and controlled by the French Police due to the nature of the event. No flight changes will be permitted within 2 hours before flight time, and any flight changes made within 48 hours before the flight are highly discouraged. These changes include adding or subtracting passengers from your manifest or changing slot requirement timing. Before your client’s travel dates, set aside time to explain these rules so everyone can be on the same page.




With flight plans and slot timing under additional scrutiny, success for aircraft refueling will require adequate preplanning. While LBG accepts international arrivals, not all airports will due to a lack of immigration officers on site. With that in mind, refueling at the same location as your arrival and departure will significantly reduce logistical roadblocks.


Signature LBG is working closely with 3 fuel companies to avoid potential fuel shortages. Every pilot should have a thorough fueling plan based on their flight itinerary. For those completing a quick turnaround, plan to fuel upon arrival rather than waiting until departure. 




While a great flight is important, it’s also important that the pilots, crews, and travelers have a successful trip once they arrive in Paris. The Olympics will bring thousands more tourists to the city than she typically sees during summertime peak season, and hotel, transportation, and dining availability will be limited. Signature is glad to offer special access to crew accommodation through local relationships with hotels. If you are interested in these amenities, contact Signature LBG with your request here. 




While typically less crowded than the opening ceremony, plan for busier than normal ground and air traffic during departure from the Olympics. In addition to being aware of the closing ceremony date on 11 August 2024, find out when the biggest Olympic events come to a close, as more spectators will leave the country at one time once these highly anticipated competitions end. 


What Signature Aviation Guests Can Expect 


If you are planning to utilize Signature Aviation as your private aviation terminal for Paris travel, here are some things to look forward to:


  • Constant monitoring of aircraft parking. No wondering or second-guessing whether your slot will be full when you need to land and park your aircraft. We will always know when we’re at full capacity.
  • On-site flight dispatchers provide an added measure of safety and security during this logistics-heavy event.
  • Exceptional support and hospitality through the ins and outs of Olympic travel with a private, gated entrance to our terminal.
  • Pilots and crews enjoy amenities including lounges, showers, conference rooms, WiFi, and secure vehicle parking.


We hope your flight is just the beginning of a fantastic trip. Whether your travels take you to Paris for days or mere hours, take some time to enjoy the excitement of the Games and explore all the City of Light has to offer. 





How can I plan private jet travel to the Summer Olympics? 


If you are already a guest with Signature Aviation, simply request a reservation through our Signature LBG page! 


Why should charter pilots work with Signature Aviation for Olympic Games travel to Paris?


Flight into Paris this summer will be a recipe for heavy traffic and logistical challenges. Signature Aviation can’t change that reality, but we can make sure our accommodations (including refueling, security, and amenities to freshen up post-flight) create a smooth experience for your crew and passengers. From arrival to departure, our private terminal is designed to exceed expectations.


When is the best time to start trip planning for the Olympics?


Heavy traffic and slot reservation requirements mean the sooner planning takes place, the better.  


What are some tips for seamless private jet travel during the Olympics?


Plan ahead! Know your slot time, fuel plan, and stay up to date on communication from your private aviation terminal. Set your expectations for the unique situation you’re flying into – the stress of high traffic and logistics will be greatly reduced if you have a game plan for collaborating with your crew and others on the ground at LBG.

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