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Belem Intl Airport Val De Cans/Julio Cezar Ribeiro
Belem Val de Cans
Av. Julio Cesar s/n Hangar Li­der - Val de Cans
Belem, Brazil 66617-420
VHF: 130.4

Felipe Veras
General Manager
Belem Intl Airport Val De Cans/Julio Cezar Ribeiro

In Belém people usually ask “are you going out before or after today’s rainfall?” Those who do not know the state of Pará might find the joke odd, but it is quite commonplace in the region. Due to the hot, humid climate, it rains practically every day. And however incredible it may seem, the rain does fall almost on a pre-scheduled time: around 3 P.M. The capital of Pará attracts attention for several reasons. The delicious exotic fruit which can only be found there; the memorable aspects of native South American culture; incredible architecturally endowed buildings; besides an amazingly rich popular culture.   In the “city of the mango trees” – as it is lovingly called by the local population – part of Brazilian history can be seen up close and personal, especially after the renovation done on its plazas, parks and museums that date from last century.   The Cidade Velha (Old City) holds memories of a time before the rubber cycle, which are visible in the narrow streets and in the large mansions decorated in their facades by tiles dating back to the XVII century. A stroll through the city can take the visitor in a travel through time itself. In Belém, you can also enjoy the enchantment of the native forest. Made by inspiration in the “Bois de Boulogne” from Paris, the Rodrigues Alves Wood shows the visitor a little bit of the beautiful Amazon. There are wonderful places for strolls, picnics or simply to enjoy the communion with nature. The city’s greatest attraction, however, is the Ver-o-Peso (check the weight) Market. The place has that name because, in the colonial period, that was where the merchandise, which arrived through the neighboring port, had its weight checked. Today, it is a place in which everything can be found. The wonders of Belém await you. Come, and become a fan!   Source: Brazilian Ministry of Tourism

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  • Aircraft cleaning
  • International assistance
  • Car parking
  • Aircraft charters

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